Seminars and Events

Yvonne Stiles is passionate about educating on health related topics. She has done talks and participated in health fairs at many locations in Toronto and Mississauga.  Some of the locations include branches of the Toronto and Mississauga Public Libraries, the Running Room, Chapters, Sleeping Children Canada, Swansea RMT and various church groups as well.

Yvonne has lectured on various topics including:

  • Building a Healthy Immune System
  • Healthy Weight Management
  • Nutrition for Runners/Walkers
  • Nutrition and Stress Management
  • The Basics of Healthy Eating
  • The Benefits of Detoxification
  • Preparing for Pregnancy – what should we consider?
  • Preparing for the Journey: Optimizing Health During Travel
  • The Fundamentals of Breathing
  • What can Naturopathic Medicine do for me?

Yvonne Stiles is also available to tailor lectures for your particular area of interest. To speak with her about lecturing for your group or organization, please contact her at 416-231-6062

Corporate and Onsite Work

Having worked at GE Medical Systems, Dr Stiles enjoys returning to the corporate world to support and connect with people.  She has participated in corporate settings as a naturopathic doctor in various capacities from doing ‘Lunch and Learn’ seminars, participating in company health fairs to being the onsite Naturopathic Doctor at Diageo Canada.

To talk with Dr. Stiles about how she can support your organization, please contact her at 416-231-6062.